It all started with a fresh stalk of Brussel sprouts from Trader Joe's packed full of little green balls that looked so inviting that I had to spin one off and bite into it.  My first reaction was "'s so crunchy!"  This was way better than the soggy bland cooked Brussel sprouts I remembered from my youth.  This raw sprout had a fresh kick and a crunch that surprised me.

I found that by eating raw Brussel sprouts, I gained a new mental and physical power, my body craved whatever was inside those little veggie balls.  I bit into them with anticipation and I wasn't disappointed.  I felt a surge of energy in my body soon after consuming a few of these green sprout balls.  As a biology and English teacher at Santa Ana High School in California I was interested in the nutritional benefits for myself but also for my students.  I was in the habit of sharing baby carrots with all my students, especially right before a test, and I found it relaxed and gave my students an extra positive mental bounce or advantage.  In fact this particular year, my science scores soared by over 40 percent compared to other science teachers in our district.

I and many famous doctors, Dr. Mark Hymen, firmly believe that fresh natural food can increase the focus and develop positive behavior in many of our school age kids. So I started to offer raw Brussel sprouts to my students once a week with incredible results. Then I got a crazy idea; What would a raw Brussel sprout taste like dipped in chocolate? Some students didn't like the raw Brussel sprouts so I experimented and created an amazing chocolate brownie receipt GLUTEN free with lots of dark natural chocolate.  We mixed in the center nutritious core of the Brussel sprout with the chocolate to discover a delicious combination.  Some of my students like Manuel, tossed away his big liter bottle of Sprite and eats Chocosprouts in my first period English class instead with incredible results in his school work and behavior. 

We are so pleased to offer this tasty, chewy, powerful fun food to you.  Honestly we don't have many good choices in food in our communities, but truly believe you will enjoy and benefit from eating lots of ChocOsprouts.  Blessings and good health to you and your family

Darryl Killion

​founder of Chocosprouts

​Irvine, Ca.

Choc O Sprouts is Trademarked and founded by Darryl B. Killion of Irvine, California